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about me

For as long as I can remember, I have loved painting. Even as a child, I liked the moment of creating something completely from scratch, on a white, clean piece of paper. I knew I could create anything on it and nothing would limit me. I also had a natural need to create and create space around me. I often changed the colors of objects and walls. I loved the moment of transformation when I painted an item a different color or decorated it. I felt then that I was giving things a new life. When I was painting, time did not exist, there was only the process of creation and I was completely immersed in it. I remember it very clearly because they were moments of happiness for me.

However, later I moved on to “adult life”: studies, work… There was less and less time for painting until the creation process stopped completely. I went through life gaining further educational and professional successes, but despite the increasing number of achievements, I was still missing something… I was missing satisfaction and truth. I was climbing the career ladder in a large corporation, but one day I asked myself whether this ladder to success was set in the right place, chosen by me, and whether it was mine at all?

The process of change was initiated by the appearance of children in my life. I spent my pregnancy immersed in this beautiful process of creating new Life in me, then I heard silence and immersed myself in its depths. Children gave me a completely new perspective on life, on values, on what is really important and what is not. I wanted to live in harmony with myself, in my truth and authenticity. I started to look more and more inside myself, get to know myself and finally allow myself to feel more than to understand, to listen more to the quiet voice of intuition rather than the loud, often chaotic voice of the mind. Intuition and heart have always led me to one place – to the world of art, creativity, imagination.

When, after many years, I reached for professional tools: brushes, paints, canvases, an easel and painted my first painting on canvas, I felt that I had fallen in love. For the next few days, I only thought about painting and I really felt like a person in love who couldn’t wait to meet his “love”. This is how my transformation through art began, step by step. First, I started painting only for myself, then for my loved ones, but I loved painting so much that I not only wanted my passion to become my work, but I wanted it to become my life, my mission and destiny. With each subsequent painting, I became more and more myself. I felt the process of creation healing me, as subsequent beliefs and mental limitations disappeared one by one, and I reached the unique depth and power that I had within me. I trusted the transformation process.

Today, painting is an integral part of me, I literally need it like oxygen. I can’t imagine life without painting anymore. I love it and I want to share this energy with the rest of the world. Regardless of the emotion with which I enter the state of painting, the process always leads me to the same place without exception. A place of inner peace, where everything is good, where I am completely in the “here and now”. Then time simply does not exist. It is from this peace that the most beautiful creative energy arises. Hence the series of my paintings “Energetic Peace” (a materialized form of energy, emerging from inner peace). I love art because creating it, as well as simply contact with it, raises us to a higher level of consciousness. I believe that all forms of positive art such as painting, sculpture, music, books or films take us away from everyday life and transport us to another dimension for a moment. As Picasso said, “Art cleanses the soul of the everyday layer of dust”. I would like people to think not about how they understand my work, but about what they FEEL when they look at it. Is it some kind of energy or maybe vibration? Do they notice when they stop for a moment in this fast-paced world? I would like my paintings to convey just such attentiveness, the combinations of colors and textures to please the eye, and the energy of truth and pure, free passion contained in them to be felt by everyone who looks at them. 🩶