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about me

Ever since I can remember, I loved to paint. I started by painting furniture, walls, windows in my children’s room. As a child, I won art competitions, but later I took up the “adult life” of studies, work …. lack of time ….. but I always felt that painting was in my heart. 🖤

When after many years I reached for professional tools: brushes, paints, canvas, easel and painted my first painting on canvas, I felt that I fell in love. For the next few days I was thinking only about painting and I really felt like a woman in love who can’t wait to meet her “love”. This feeling still lasts, so I know for sure that it is my greatest passion. I am completely self taught. Love it!

My name is Magda Żak. I am a happy wife and mother of two wonderful Sons. After the birth of my second child, I decided not to return to work in a corporation, but to share my passion with the world. I would like my paintings to bring joy, the combination of colors and textures to please the eye, and the energy of truth and pure, free passion contained in them to be felt by everyone who looks at them.

My second passion (apart from painting) is also interior design and broadly understood design. I love it when the image, interior and details create a wonderful, coherent whole. Art in the interior gives it color, individual character, well-chosen, enriches the interior. That is why I appreciate what is real, unique and one of a kind.

I invite you to the world of my paintings. A world that is created out of passion and with passion.